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Media pluralism has a moment…

There has been a lot said about Kevin Rudd’s petition for a ‘Royal Commission to ensure a strong, diverse Australian news media’. There was Rod Tiffen’s comment that Mr Rudd then responded to, and a host of other reports including this piece from Margaret Simons on the thinking behind the petition.  And Zoe Samios ran this piece about […]

Media Pluralism Dashboard Development Report, August 2020

Using Big Data Analysis for Visualisations of Public Affairs Content in Online News One of the main aims of Media Pluralism and Online News project is to discover methods of computationally evaluating media pluralism in ways that are relevant for multi-platform news ecosystems. In brief, the concept of ‘public affairs’ allows us to separate and […]

Localism, pluralism and responses to COVID-19

Encouraging local content – especially for people located outside metropolitan centres – is a policy issue often related to, but separate from, media pluralism. With COVID-19, that may be changing. The crisis – two decades in the making In Australia, the challenge of promoting localism across a vast but sparsely populated continent has been the […]